Resource is a private, natural resource real estate investment firm partnering alongside skilled management teams seeking to unlock value from out of favor, underutilized or otherwise dislocated real estate assets.


Founded in 1998, Resource Land Holdings (“Resource” or the “Firm”) has focused exclusively on the natural resource real estate sector for more than two decades. To date, the Firm has completed 80+ transactions across 28 states/provinces spanning agriculture, timberland, water, ecological, vacant real estate, and mining (now a discontinued strategy). The Firm has organized and managed seven investment vehicles with aggregate equity commitments in excess of $840 million. In 2015 the Firm initiated its current fund, Resource Land Fund V, LP, with $275 million of investor commitments and a continued focus on partnering alongside skilled management teams seeking to unlock value from dislocated natural resource real estate assets.


Resource’s mission is to opportunistically acquire, diligently manage, and thoughtfully balance the risks of natural resource real estate investing alongside aligned local operators on behalf of its investors, partners, and employees.


Resource believes that exceptional risk-adjusted opportunities exist in the natural resource real estate sector for those willing to identify unwanted, underutilized, ignored, or misunderstood assets and assemble skilled management teams to unlock latent value. Through more than two decades of curating a select network of transaction professionals, growers, foresters, miners, processors, and commodity marketers, Resource has developed access to a broad array of opportunities and is consistently looking for chances to pair them with skilled specialists in the natural resource domain.

At times, the Firm is simply a transitional owner, stewarding a property towards permanent ownership under a multi-generational, strategic owner like a family, conservation group, or corporate concern. At other times, Resource and its management teams play the role of restorers: identifying what is broken, underutilized, or inefficient and fashioning a solution that addresses the economic and environmental sustainability of the project. And finally, there are instances where Resource simply focuses on unlocking value from those portions of the projects that are ignored or underutilized for the benefits of the Firm’s management teams, employees, and investors.