RLH seeks land-based investments in various asset classes. 
RLH focuses on agriculture, timber, quarry and other resource properties that are often ignored by the institutional investment community. Economic cycles create situations where capital is nearly inaccessible for the regional entrepreneur, and it is in those situations that RLH presents itself as a source of opportunistic capital, frequently investing alongside local partners and entrepreneurs.
     Investment Examples
California Timber
The active appetite for timberland among institutional investors required RLH to re-formulate its approach in order to find an "edge" in this well-capitalized asset class. RLH believes that partnerships with entrepreneurial timberland operators around the country who are hindered by limited capital can produce exceptional opportunities. RLH purchased a timber tract in Northern California, sourced by an entrepreneurial partner who co-invested with RLH. In exchange for actively managing the deal, the partner receives an ownership interest in a property beyond his financial reach and a percentage of profits in excess of the RLH hurdle rate. This operating arrangement appropriately aligns the interest of capital and operator, providing appropriate incentives to work towards a mutually satisfactory outcome.