RLH seeks land-based investments in various asset classes. 
RLH focuses on agriculture, timber, quarry and other resource properties that are often ignored by the institutional investment community. Economic cycles create situations where capital is nearly inaccessible for the regional entrepreneur, and it is in those situations that RLH presents itself as a source of opportunistic capital, frequently investing alongside local partners and entrepreneurs.
     Investment Examples
Washington Apples
Depressed conditions in the U.S. apple trade, coupled with consolidation of grocery chains, pushed industry packing houses either to build market share or be left by the wayside. The questions for many at the time was, "How can we build market share when capital is scarce and better allocated to trying to expand existing operations?" In response to this opportunity, RLH developed an alliance with a prominent fruit packer. The partnership allowed the packer to secure additional fruit from RLH properties while providing RLH rental payments and a percentage of the upside in improved market conditions. In this way, RLH's partner was able to build market share and corresponding efficiencies without being drained of capital at a critical time in the market cycle.