RLH seeks land-based investments in various asset classes. 
RLH focuses on agriculture, timber, quarry and other resource properties that are often ignored by the institutional investment community. Economic cycles create situations where capital is nearly inaccessible for the regional entrepreneur, and it is in those situations that RLH presents itself as a source of opportunistic capital, frequently investing alongside local partners and entrepreneurs.
     Investment Examples
Florida Citrus
Several years ago, the owners of a successful Florida citrus operation began to address estate-planning issues involving their properties. Sensing it would be prudent to diversify a portion of their land holdings, the partners expressed a hope that they could somehow retain an ongoing profit interest in the operation while continuing to farm the property. Working through a discreet industry professional, RLH structured a sale-leaseback that guaranteed a minimum annual return to RLH and a split of profits with the operating partners after deducting caretaking expenses. By addressing the concerns of these owners, RLH was able to acquire a premium property that was never presented to the market, and structure an agreement that placed the previous owners and RLH on the same side of the table with compatible economic interests and objectives.