RLH seeks land-based investments in various asset classes. 
RLH focuses on agriculture, timber, quarry and other resource properties that are often ignored by the institutional investment community. Economic cycles create situations where capital is nearly inaccessible for the regional entrepreneur, and it is in those situations that RLH presents itself as a source of opportunistic capital, frequently investing alongside local partners and entrepreneurs.
     Investment Examples
Coal Surface Mine
RLH seized an opportunity to acquire a large surface coal mine in the Midwest that had been shopped extensively to the mining industry. The energy resources were lacking to attract mining companies, while at the time, capital and management resources needed to reclaim the mine were daunting for a general real estate investor. Accepting the challenge, RLH was able to meet the seller’s price and nonetheless acquire the land along with its reclamation liability at a valuation that was still favorable compared to general land values in the region. Although this sort of property has diverse features that specialized buyers would have difficulty exploiting, RLH considered each component when developing a workable investment thesis for the property. RLH seeks to maximize the value of each component under its ownership in collaboration with local operating partners that can bring to bear the necessary specialized expertise.